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Fahrenheit 451

Par admin arenes, publié le jeudi 31 mai 2018 16:29 - Mis à jour le mardi 5 juin 2018 10:43
The Biology Euro Section (P°S 6) went on a theatre outing to discover the play « Fahrenheit 451 »
The Biology Euro Section (P°S 6) went on a theatre outing to discover the play « Fahrenheit 451 » adapted from the eponymous novel by American author Ray Bradbury in its English version at Altigone /Saint Orens.  Here is what they wanted to share with you :


In an indeterminate time, books were forbidden by the government because it could make people unhappy. So Guy Montag, a firefighter, had to track anybody who had a book, and burn it. But, one day, Montag met a young girl and an old man who gave him the desire to read books. He began to think by himself and became a dangerous criminal in the eyes of society and law…



BTW, you can read the book yourself, it is available in its English version in your CDR

We went to see a play: “Fahrenheit 451”. It’s inspired by the American novel Fahrenheit 451, written by Ray Bradbury in 1953.
We really liked the staging of the play (lights, musics, sounds, decorations and costumes) because it evolved throughout the play. Every single situation or character had its own atmosphere, for example, the beast was played by an actor who wore black and the scene was immersed in darkness. The actor had lights on his face which mimicked his eyes. There were also sounds like grunts. This staging is made to scare the public and to enhance the scene.
But we have not been convinced by the actors. Indeed some elements of the novel have not been integrated in the play, in the original book story there is no humor but in this play there is. Montag’s wife is very funny and at the same time, very sad. She wore colorful clothes and had a very exaggerated personality.


Guerci Loïs, Bourdas Solène, Fanet Dorian, Arza Sebastian

The direction of the play was generally good and the management of the actors was well done. Though the play had a problem with the transition from the book to the play : the tone in the book is fairly serious and dark whereas the play took a funny and joyful tone at multiple moments. That change in the tone made the message hard to interpret, and gave the feeling that it was less serious than the book.



Sound, lighting and stage design
  • The light show and the soundtrack were very interesting. The plot of the play was enhanced thanks to the lighting and sound. The sound created a good atmosphere. They used (cigarette) lighters and spotlights to illuminate themselves and we thought it was a very good and original idea.
  • The stage design chosen by Paul Stebbings was well thought and we appreciated the light ideas that emerged. The sound also conveyed amazing emotions that we did not expect. The 4th wall was broken when a bucket of water was thrown onto the spectators. We also thought that the very simple decorations were really efficient for the effects and were very good for the plot.


Cast and acting :
We will be talking about the cast and the acting of the Fahrenheit 451 play. The cast included four actors, that played different roles, except for the main character, Guy Montag, who played the role of a fireman.
At the beginning of the play, Montag was obedient to all the rules, in fact, he didn’t own any books, but that did not last long.
He has a wife, whose dream was to be on TV. Montag’s wife tried to commit suicide at the beginning of the play, she was the weak type, the type that submits to the rules of the law without even thinking about it, probably because they’re scared of the punishment. Montag’s wife was in fact really scared of the government, that’s why she framed her husband. Which caused their house to be burned.
  • Montag’s wife also played the role of an old lady and one of the characters who learned books by heart.
One day Montag met Clarisse, a girl who lived in his neighborhood. Clarisse was a special girl, she had a lot of imagination, contrary to the other inhabitants. It appeared that she was the happiest girl in the city, but people called her crazy, because she did odd things, like tasting rain or scrubbing a flower all over her chin to find out whether she’s in love or not. Montag met her a bunch of times before she died in a car accident, they discussed different topics, and the more Montag knew her the more he wanted to be like her, maybe because she made him feel less trapped, by making him escape the thought police.
  • Clarisse also played the role of a rescuer, a fireman and also one of the characters who learned books by heart.
Montag was not only chasing happiness, he was also looking for justice. One time they had to burn an old lady’s house. As she was very religious, she had a lot of religious books and she was attached to them, so when they wanted to burn the house she decided to burn with her books. In fact Montag was not okay with burning the house all along with the lady in it, but his boss didn’t seem to care about it so they did it anyway.
During the play Montag also met the Professor, an educated man, who spent half of his time secretly reading books. After Clarisse’s death Montag wanted to know more about how to be happy, so when he met that Professor he was interested in him, because he admired the wisdom of the professor. So they decided to become partners. But Montag’s boss who was very strict ended up knowing about his “plan”. And after he got framed he had to escape, so the professor sent him to an island where people learned books by heart, and told him to join this group of people.
  • Montag’s boss also played the role of a rescuer and one of the people who learned books by heart.
The acting was actually great, they had the right expressions, especially Montag and Clarisse. However sometimes we felt that they didn’t take it very seriously. Maybe because they were acting for young students.

Aya Benaïssa, Violette Ségur, Djazia Zouiche

The play was very interesting. Actually, the story was creative and fascinating . The fact that people cannot read books is revolting. 
We dived into the story through a character, a fireman, whose task was to burn books. We follow him during his hours of work and also in his private life, with his eccentric wife. With the help of a country-woman, he starts to change his mind and revolt against the book law. 
We immediately become fond of the characters because they are touching. For example, the country-woman is young and innocent, she gives some moral lessons to the fire man. 
This play was also interesting in terms of light effects. Indeed, all along the stage, there are a lot of different lights with various colors and brightness. It is a very good way to captivate the audience. 
The characters spoke in a very loud and clear way. Their English was easy to understand. 
In conclusion, I like this play with a lot of (surprising) twists.

Marie Aida

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